E-mail or contact us 010 141 3053 updating us on your appointment date and time

  • Preferably with a 24 hour notice period and to further streamline the claim process we urge you to supply us with the doctor’s name and contact details.
  • This will allow us to contact the doctor to make the payment arrangements or in the event of an urgent appointment, we can deposit the funds into the premium payer’s account.
  • Please note that we shall pay in good faith but we will require the invoice to be sent back to us before we can process a second claim should one arise.
  • We would like to avoid members being out of pocket so we ask for your co-operation with the above.
This is a blocPlease contact Africa Assist on 010 211 6953 (Emergencies) for any claims that relate to accidents that may require urgent treatment as well as operations/admissions that you may require under our hospital plan.k of text. Double-click this text to edit it.
Please note that all the relevant contact details will be displayed on your Acumen Health membership card/Benefit certificate, but we ask that you please save the contact details on your mobile device for easy reference.
  • Download the funeral claim form from the Acumen Health Website or contact Acumen Health in order to notify the claims.
  • Claims are paid out within 48 hours, after all essential documents have been submitted.
  • Use black ink only to complete all documents, clearly print one character per block. To avoid any delays please complete all required details and remember to sign the form.
  • Original certified copies of documents MUST be posted if requested. Documents may be faxed or emailed to the below contact details.
  • Proceeds will only be paid out to beneficiaries stated on the policy. Please ensure to submit the claim within 30 Good Day
  • The claim form, together with the following documents, must be returned to Acumen Health within 30 days of event.
  • Original certified copy of the Identity Document or Birth Certificate of the Claimant / Beneficiary.
  • Original certified copy of the Identity Document or Birth Certificate of the Deceased person.
  • Original certified copy of the Death Certificate of the Deceased person.
  • Copy of the bank statement or cancelled cheque of the bank account to be used for the payment of the proceeds.
  • Medical Practitioners Report in the event of claiming for a still born child or an accident.
  • Copy of the Police report in case of an unnatural death (Accident, murder etc.)

All claims can be sent to email: unless stated otherwise.

Funeral Plan claims form should be filled in, this can be found on our website or sent to you.

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